Student Midwives

In Angus we are passionate about the midwifery profession, and keen to ensure that midwives of the future share that passion. In addition to an annual student study day at Montrose Maternity Unit, Angus midwives regularly welcome midwifery students on placement where they get the chance to experience holistic, woman-centred practice. The midwives also enjoy discussing the latest research around birth and midwifery with students.

Whether or not you have a placement in Angus, we hope these activities for students put together by the Montrose midwives will be thought-provoking and useful.

We also hope you will enjoy these reflective pieces by student midwives.Dawn realised it was important to observe midwives who promote normality and have confidence in practising it. Theresa writes about the impact her elective placement at Montrose has had on her views about free-standing midwife-led units. Another student then tells us how the midwives’ “passion and determination to promote normal birth and improve women’s experiences” makes Montrose Maternity a very different placement experience. Maite, who came all the way from Spain, highlights the difference between Spanish and Scottish maternity services and describes care given by Montrose midwives as”excellent quality, with a holistic view of all care from early pregnancy until the postpartum period.”